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Relative Justice

The interior corrections are made. I sent them to my author rep. The cover is amazing. So, next is to see the finished product. After the finished product, I have some major marketing to do. I refuse to let this book languish in the “good, but not many people are reading it,” to “Wow. After…

Things Are Moving Along

Just got the cover of Relative Justice sent to me for approval. It looks great. I’m now reading the galleys of the book for corrections, if need be. This is finally going to happen and then I can concentrate on Relative Deception. This retirement isn’t such a bad thing!!

Another day…..

I just finished John Fox’s class on writing a successful novel. It was very good. I would even recommend it for those who already have published – which I have. It was very succinct in the process. One of the points he made was to make a contract with yourself to write a certain number…

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