Easter Sunday

It’s Easter and I’ve been going to church most of my life. It seemed a little bizarre that my family and I couldn’t go today. The virus that has infected us, either physically or environmentally, has recked havoc on everything we have taken for granted. Wow!

I don’t think you have to be religious to be afraid of the restraints put on us Americans. Not being able to go to church, congregate with family, have informal get-togethers, or even go out to eat is something that I never thought would happen. We need to be diligent with monitoring and fighting for our America. Enough on that.

I still am getting my desk really ready for 4-5 hour increments of writing. On Facebook, someone asked if we shouldn’t work to publish during these trying times. What!!!! Now is the time to get books out there so we can read and be carried into different world, different lives, and, even, different loves. So, people continue……

Published by ritr72

I have been an RN for over 45 years and all my fiction writing uses my nursing as a backdrop. My protagonists are nurses needing to solve mysteries. On a non-fiction note, I'm still working as an RN, raising grandchildren, and writing whenever I can.

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