Relative Justice

The interior corrections are made. I sent them to my author rep. The cover is amazing. So, next is to see the finished product. After the finished product, I have some major marketing to do. I refuse to let this book languish in the “good, but not many people are reading it,” to “Wow. AfterContinue reading “Relative Justice”

Things Are Moving Along

Just got the cover of Relative Justice sent to me for approval. It looks great. I’m now reading the galleys of the book for corrections, if need be. This is finally going to happen and then I can concentrate on Relative Deception. This retirement isn’t such a bad thing!!

Another day…..

I just finished John Fox’s class on writing a successful novel. It was very good. I would even recommend it for those who already have published – which I have. It was very succinct in the process. One of the points he made was to make a contract with yourself to write a certain numberContinue reading “Another day…..”

Good Afternoon

If you want to support your local bookstores, go to For every book you buy through them, they support your chosen bookstore with money. I just contacted my local bookstore, Robin’s Nest, and let her know about a way to advertise her store. I’ve gotten into advertising now that I’m retired and determined toContinue reading “Good Afternoon”

Things Are Moving Along

I went to my first writer’s group meeting. It was great meeting other writers that write different genres. One writes fantasy, one writes historical fiction, one writes spy novels, and one writes flash fiction. Flash fiction is fun to write. I do that when I’m stuck on a scene or conversation. I also wanted everyoneContinue reading “Things Are Moving Along”

Been Busy Today

I joined John Fox’s site. He is a writer and writing coach. He has classes about writing and how to make your writing better. It was a good class. I got my shirts in the mail. What shirts, you ask? I bought two tee shirts from Outskirts Press that have the cover of my booksContinue reading “Been Busy Today”

Good Morning

Well, have a lot of running to do this morning. I’m getting a PO Box so people can buy directly from me. I also need to go to the bookstore (Robin’s Nest) and then do some things for my granddaughter. UPDATE: Got my PO Box: Address is now Alida Chaney. POBox 1126. DeKalb, Il 60115Continue reading “Good Morning”

Just Adding A Thought

I just spent a few hours getting my website up to date. If you’re looking for me, or someone else is, just put in the search line. My site should show up. Also, if anyone wants to buy one, or both, of my books just click on the title on my homepage and itContinue reading “Just Adding A Thought”

A Next Step

Well, I’ve started the process with Book 2 of Eden and Book 3 total. Since my retirement (number 3 attempt – LOL), I have seriously gotten back to writing and selling. I have a local book store (ROBIN’S NEST) displaying my books. It’s exciting to see them on a shelf. If you live in theContinue reading “A Next Step”

Another Day

Just to let everyone know that Book 3 (Eden’s second book) is done. Still looking for a publisher. That’s the hard part. I’m going to try small press and see if I can’t get someone interested. If that doesn’t work, I will go with self-publishing again. I truly believe that Eden’s new adventure is worthContinue reading “Another Day”


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